Drone Operator Tazed in Hawaii National Park

Three-inch toy led to arrest

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park banned drones in August 2014. (Matt MacGillivray/Flickr)
Photo: Matt MacGillivray/Flickr

A man flying a three-inch-long quadcopter drone in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Saturday was chased by park rangers and zapped with a Taser for violating the park’s ban on drones, Adventure Journal reported Wednesday

According to a park spokesperson, 35-year-old Travis Sanders was arrested for failing to comply with a lawful order and interfering with agency functions. Sanders was zapped while fleeing after park rangers approached him.

This is the first time someone has been arrested since the park initially banned drones in August 2014.  The incident marks only the fifth time someone has been zapped since rangers began carrying Tasers in 2008, according to Adventure Journal. Drones were banned last year in national parks.

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