Gregory Baltoro 75

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

The Baltoro offers a comfortable way to get everything you're carrying from Point A to Point B. (Michael Karsh)
Photo: Michael Karsh gregory

With a sturdy aluminum wishbone suspension system and independent pivots in the shoulder harness and hipbelt, the Baltoro ($319) is the comfiest big hauler we tested. It’s also brimming with user-friendly features. Our favorite: the hydration-bladder sleeve, which transforms into a daypack—we found it far more functional than the usual detachable top-compartment lumbar pack. One tester summed it up this way: “It feels as if it were designed by someone who actually goes backpacking.” 5.3 lbs;

‚ÄčComfort: 4.5 
Versatility: 4.5

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