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GT Grade Carbon

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

The GT Grade Carbon offered riders the best of both worlds: great speed and superior handling. (Photo: Michael Karsh)

Given GT’s BMX heritage, we weren’t surprised that the company’s crossover roadie ($3,580) outpaced its competitors. “It’s like the griffin of the cycling world,” said one tester, “with the snappiness of a road bike but the handling and trail manners of a hardtail.” Flex points built into the carbon frame paired with a pencil-thin, reverse-camber fork took the edge off the chip-sealed asphalt and rough fire roads in Tucson, Arizona. The wide 28-millimeter tires helped, too, and we love that the bike has room for up to 35 millimeters of rubber. The Grade flew along in fast group rides, posing the question: Is there anything this bike can’t do? 

18.9 lbs;

Handling: 4.5
‚ÄčComfort: 5

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Lead Photo: Michael Karsh
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