Nikon 1 V3

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

The 1 V3 is cheap, light, small, and just as good as a DSLR—maybe even better. (Michael Karsh)
Photo: Michael Karsh

The 1 V3 ($1,200) is faster and, in many ways, more capable than a DSLR. It’s also cheaper, lighter, and smaller.

Start with the ability to shoot 60 frames per second. That’s 60 still images in the time it takes you to depress the button. Maximum shutter speed is an astonishing 1/16,000 second—twice as fast as the $6,000 Nikon D4. Yes, the 18-megapixel sensor could be larger, but the 1 V3 is also far more portable than the fat-sensor mirrorless models on the market, and like those it offers a range of lenses. Compared with most other compact cameras, it has myriad external functions for quick pro-level control. Our test shots, from long-exposure moon snaps to seagulls soaring over a beach in the San Juan Islands, came out ultrasharp. What’s not to love?

Utility: 5
Tech: 5

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