Electric Mudslinger

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

The Electric Mudslinger kills glare whiel punching up contrast and detail. (Photo: Michael Karsh)

It’s a rare pair of shades that can be worn with confidence in New York City, Osaka, and Bozeman, Montana—driving, cycling, hiking, or (why not?) playing ultimate Frisbee.

The view is wonderfully sharp through Electric’s polarized-polycarbonate lenses ($170), which kill glare, punch up contrast and detail, and add depth. Optics like these in big sunglasses are ideal for going fast and hard. Wide, lightweight temples wall off peripheral light, but there’s enough gap for defogging airflow.

If you own only one pair of shades, these should be them.

Style: 4.5
Versatility: 5

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Lead Photo: Michael Karsh
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