The Women's Yoga Essentials of 2015

(Michael Karsh)
Photo: Michael Karsh

Salute the sun in style.
Meaghen Brown

Women's Yoga Essentials
(Michael Karsh)

Vimmia Jolt Zip Hooded vest

Vimmia has been spotted on everyone from model Joan Smalls to yoga instructors. We love the fit and comfort of this edgy, gym-inspired vest ($124).

(Michael Karsh)

Lucas Hughes Core Performance leggings

Mesh near the thighs kept us cool, pockets eased the transitioned from yoga studio to lunch, and reflective details made them a great choice for night runs. $240,

(Michael Karsh)

Lucas Hugh Astor tank

This top ($130) was designed with floor exercises in mind. No seams, clasps, or tags means no painful wear spots during crunch sets. Stylized mesh panels add ventilation without screaming “athletic wear.”

(Michael Karsh)

Prana Mabel scarf

A scarf is the easiest way to dress up your workout uniform. We like the Mabel ($34) for its soft textured cotton and subtle colors, which reminded us of wandering Moroccan souks, even while grabbing coffee on the way to class.

(Michael Karsh)

Jade Harmony mat

Made from natural rubber, the Harmony ($75) has all the grip of a synthetic mat without the PVC. During several months of testing, it retained its shape and cushioning better than any other material we tried.

(Michael Karsh)

Liberty BottleWorks water bottle

Liberty’s bottles ($23) are made from recycled aluminum and have a tapered neck to mimic the smooth pour of a wine bottle. Cool: the company donates 1 percent of its proceeds to charity.

(Michael Karsh)

Blendtec Designer 625 blender

The six-speed 625 ($480) makes quick work of greens and almonds. We liked the sleek touchscreen, which was more intuitive than we expected. Also nice: the preset ice-cream function (one of four) for mixing up a treat.

(Michael Karsh)

Prana Soleil tote bag

One tote for everything! That’s our strategy for never forgetting (or misplacing) the essentials. The mostly cotton Soleil ($59) fits a mat, water bottle, snack, and change of clothes.

(Michael Karsh)

Toms Paseos shoes

After the mat, it’s a drag to put your shoes back on. Not these ($59). The perforations in the upper may be for style, but we found them pleasantly airy. Plus, they’re comfortable enough for travel.

(Michael Karsh)

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