Tony Flint Found Not Guilty in Murder Trial

For death of bar owner in February 2014

The confrontation that took the life of Glenn Felts and brought Tony Flint to trial for first-degree murder took place after the two men left La Kiva Bar and Restaurant late one evening in February 2014. (Todd Dwyer/Flickr)
Photo: Todd Dwyer/Flickr la

Tony Flint, a former river guide accused of beating bar and restaurant owner Glenn Felts to death last year, was found not guilty of all charges Tuesday night by a court in Hudspeth County, Texas, reported Tuesday evening

Flint had been on trial for first-degree murder, stemming from an altercation in early February 2014. Outside covered the case and its impact on the town of Terlingua last year.

Felts and Flint left La Kiva Bar and Restaurant on the night of February 3 and launched into an argument about Felts’ management, according to testimony. Flint testified that Felts hit him first and Flint attempted to remove himself from the situation before a violent confrontation ensued. 

Flint said Felts was still breathing when he laid him down in the parking lot and drove away. A La Kiva employee found Felts face down, dead, in the parking lot of La Kiva the following morning.

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