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Quiksilver Japan True Wetsuits

Business-ready in and out of the water.

Quiksilver True Wetsuits are made from neoprene to keep you warm in the water. (Courtesy of Quiksilver Japan)

Does dawn patrol have you throwing on whatever’s at hand on your way to the office? Give yourself more time in the water with a True Wetsuit from Quiksilver Japan.

True Wetsuits look like normal business attire: ties, shirts, jackets, and pants. The color options are equally tame, with a navy or black single-breasted jacket, and, for more formal occasions, a tuxedo. But the jackets and pants’ construction from two-millimeter-thick neoprene, just like a traditional wetsuit, traps body heat in the water. The dress shirt is made from a water-repellent fabric. Even the design is geared toward surf-performance, including flat-sewn pockets so you don’t fill up on a wipeout. 

Though Quiksilver Japan is taking orders on the True Wetsuits, it's not planning on shipping until mid-summer. Until then, you’ll just have to get out of the ocean a little earlier. 


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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Quiksilver Japan
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