Greenland Coast-to-Coast Kite Ski Record Broken

Four men took nearly ten days

By taking a more direct route, the team shaved 120 miles off the previous record-setting attempt. (Terje Nesthus/Flickr)
Photo: Terje Nesthus/Flickr

Four men broke the record on Sunday for kite skiing across Greenland, taking nearly ten days to complete the 380-mile east-west route, ExplorersWeb reported.

Tom Avery, Andrew Gerber, Patrick Woodhead, and George Wells, all age 39, began on May 7 from Isortoq in East Greenland and finished at Kangerlussuaq in the west. They man-hauled for a few days and kited the rest of the way.

“We’re shattered, sore, dehydrated, wind-burnt, frost-nipped, and in need of knee replacement surgery on our return home, but at this precise moment we couldn’t care less,” Tom Avery told ExplorersWeb.

The previous record was a 500-mile trip in a Z-shaped route, which took nearly 18 days.

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