Lululemon MWB Jacket

The long-overdue death of the stuffy blue blazer

Water- and wind-resistant, and with a debonair look, the Lululemon MWB Jacket is perfect for dressing up dad. (Courtesy of Lululemon)
Photo: Courtesy of Lululemon lululemon

Lululemon, the company that practically invented the woman's yoga pant, has since learned a thing or two about menswear. Take the MWB jacket, one of our favorite commuter, do-it-all jackets. Blending business-casual style with moisture-wicking, rain-shedding properties, it will help dad look good on the go without the need to change when he gets there. 

It’s made out of Lululemon’s trademarked Warpstreame fabric, which means it's lightweight, durable, and water-resistant for rainy-day commutes. It even has zippered vents in the back that dump heat in a hurry.

The Lululemon MWB Jacket has its business in the front with three buttons, pockets, and a straight collar, which add a nice touch of style for either that Sunday brunch or client presentation. 


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