SipaBoard Stand-Up Paddleboard

Boost your SUP power with a motorized assist.

The SipaBoard is a self-inflating SUP that offers a motorized assist of up to 3.5 knots. (Courtesy of SipaBoard)
Photo: Courtesy of SipaBoard sipaboard

SUPing is hard enough for adults, let alone kids. That's why the SipaBoard was invented. This 11-foot long self-inflating board is the brainchild of Sebastjan Sitar, a father who just wanted his kids to be able to keep up. The built-in motor not only inflates the board, but then offers an extra boost to keep the kids abreast. 

The SipaBoard board pumps itself up in less than five minutes and also comes with an electric motor that moves you along at top speeds of 3.5 knots for up to three hours per charge.

The coolest feature of the SipaBoard? A wireless remote control in the paddle, with two buttons control the speed or turn it off. And no worries if the kiddies toss the paddle in the water: the SUP motor automatically shuts off.


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