Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood Sunglasses

A stylish frame with a touch of the wild

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood features one of three different types of wood across the bridge. (Courtesy of Ray-Ban)
Photo: Courtesy of Ray-Ban Ray-Ban

Your dad probably watched Miami Vice back in the 1980s. If so, get him a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood sunglasses, which will have him looking and feeling like Sonny Crockett.  

A variant of Ray-Ban’s long-running Clubmaster collection, they get their name from the wood that's used in the glasses' bridge. Choose from walnut, maple, or cherry.

The bridge on the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood sunglasses is treated and lined to protect them from surf and sand. Dad's optometrist can even switch the lenses for his prescription for use indoor and out.

$300, ray-ban.com

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