Urchin Sky Kniper

A throwing knife with 22 built-in tools

The Urchin Sky Kniper is a throwing knife and multitool made from steel. (Courtesy of Urchin Sky)
Photo: Courtesy of Urchin Sky urchin

Help dad let off steam every once in a while with the Urchin Sky Kniper—a 13-inch throwing knife that can also be used as a multitool.

The Kniper is good for chucking, sure. But beyond that, nearly every surface and edge of the high-carbon stainless steel blade and handle can be used for something. All told, there are 22 tools—from a Phillips-head screwdriver to a saw to a wire stripper. It even comes with a sundial printed on the outside of a universal hexhole.

If dad doesn’t like it, then ask him to give it to you. 

$145, urchinsky.com

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