Flowfold Traveler

Slim down dad's big, bulky leather wallet

Made from the same fabric as high-end racing sails, the Flowfold Traveler is lightweight with a slim silhouette. (Courtesy of Flowfold)
Photo: Courtesy of Flowfold flowfold

One of the strongest wallets on the market, the Flowfold Traveler Wallet, also happens to be one of the lightest.

The trifold Traveler Wallet is made from the same material that goes into high-end racing sails: Kevlar fiber. Empty, it weighs 1.1 ounces, but it's roomy enough to hold the essentials with six pockets for credit cards, one transparent slot for ID, and a large pocket for cash. Need more space? It also has five additional pockets, three of which are hidden. It’s so light it floats—a double bonus for those who spend time a lot of time on the water.

With the Flowfold Traveler Wallet, dad's rear pocket will thank you.

$30, flowfold.com

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