Dakota National Parks Underpaid for Bison

Part of population control measure

To bring herds back within population targets, 1,159 government-owned bison were moved to private owners. (Wikimedia Commons)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Approximately 3,000 federally-owned bison were rounded up and 1,159 of them sold to bring herd numbers back in line, the Casper Star Tribune reported Wednesday. While some of them were sold at market price, many were either given away or sold for a relatively small donation. Local tribes were given 833 bison from Badlands National Park and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, according to the Casper Star Tribune

*This story has been revised from the version first published on May 27, 2015, because it inadvertently used similar language to what was published on Trib.com. Outside apologizes for the error and is investigating all previous work of the writer.


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