Bad Weather Grounds Solar Impulse

Plane will wait in Japan for fairer skies

The Solar Impulse plane has been waiting more than a month for the right weather conditions to take off from Nanjing. (Solar Impulse)
Photo: Solar Impulse

Due to bad weather, the Solar Impulse plane will make an unscheduled stop in Japan on Monday, postponing its record-breaking trans-Pacific flight, the BBC reports.

The solar-powered plane was about 36 hours into its trip from China to Hawaii when it encountered bad weather. Pilot Andre Borschberg plans to land at the Komaki Airport in Nagoya at approximately 11 p.m. local time. 

“We are not daredevils. We are explorers,” project co-founder Bertrand Piccard told the BBC. “We have to put safety at the top of all our priorities. We land in Nagoya, and we wait for better conditions to continue.”

The plane, attempting a record around-the-world solar flight, took off from Abu Dhabi in March. It has been waiting for more than a month for favorable winds and cloud-free skies to take off from Nanjing.

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