Wiggins Breaks Hour Record

Beats previous record by about a mile

Wiggins expects that his hour record will discourage others from attempting for a while. (BaldBoris/Wikimedia)
Photo: BaldBoris/Wikimedia

True to expectations, British cyclist Bradley Wiggins set a new hour record on Sunday, covering 33.88 miles at Lee Valley Velodrome, according to Cyclingnews

Wiggins beat fellow Brit Alex Dowsett’s record of 32.89 miles, set on May 9. “That’s the closest I will come to knowing what it’s like to have a baby,” Wiggins said of his intense effort. 

Since the Union Cycliste Internationale changed the event’s rules to allow modern bikes with aerodynamics features, five cyclists have broken the hour record in quick succession. Jens Voigt obtained the first record since 2005 by completing 31.76 miles in September, Matthias Brändle beat him by nearly a mile a month later, and Rohan Dennis outdid Brändle by nearly half a mile in February. Alex Dowsett made the latest successful effort, beating Dennis’ mark by about a quarter of a mile. 

Wiggins told VeloNews that he believes he could have gone even farther in better conditions, but he thinks his record will still deter others from attempting the hour. “It’s been a been a bit of a rush up until now for people to have a go at it. It’s the first big marker now.”

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