Hütte Hut

The towable trailer goes haute culture

The Hütte Hut’s initial production run will be made-to-order. (Courtesy of Hütte Hut)
Photo: Courtesy of Hütte Hut

If traveling in a vintage Airstream is too mainstream, here’s a new tow-behind trailer just for you.

Constructed with marine-grade plywood and birch flooring with a canvas canopy atop an aluminum frame, the 14-foot-long Hütte Huts truly are beautiful, evoking a mid-century modern sensibility. While not exactly spacious, the trailer offers enough room for two adults and one (small) dog. Boasting a “boutique manufacturing process,” the company's designers hand-select the wood for all the trailers, making sure it’s “matched to ensure integrity and aesthetic congruence.” 

Specifics on sleeping, sitting, and cooking spaces are not yet available. The Hütte Hut’s initial production run will be made-to-order, with base models starting at $63,900. Artisanal small-batch rye whiskey not included.

From $63,900, hüttehut.com

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