Save Money, Pack Right, Avoid Disaster

Should your itinerary be delayed, cancelled, or overbooked, knowing your rights can be the difference between a $300 voucher and a long night at the airport. Read more. (Angelo DeSantis)
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Everything You Need to Know When Your Flight Gets Cancelled

Should your itinerary be delayed, cancelled, or overbooked, knowing your rights can be the difference between a $300 voucher and a long night at the airport. Read more.

What to Do When Airbnb Goes Wrong

Taking advantage of Airbnb’s cancellation and refund policies isn’t as difficult as you'd imagine. Read more.

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How to Travel Like a Local

A new wave of travel apps is helping travelers connect with locals in more meaningful ways—and get outside with less hassle. Read more.

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Lost Your ID? You Can Still Fly.

The TSA is surprisingly prepared to help in these situations. Just arrive a bit early and be ready to go through additional screening. Read more.

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Be Prepared for Delayed Flights

Avoid airports known for lengthy delays, choose the right flights, and be a high-value customer. Read more.

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What to Do if You're Sick on Fly Day

Rebooking doesn’t necessarily mean paying a hefty fee—even if you aren’t flying Southwest Airlines, which has no change fees. Read more.

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Make the Best of Economy Class

You can turn almost any just-barely-survivable seat into one that’s actually comfortable—if you follow these 10 travel-tested tips. Read more.

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The Most Inexpensive Ways to Fly to Europe

Flights across the pond don’t have to break the bank. There are low-cost carriers with legitimate deals, and if you search with the right strategy, you could bag a bargain. Read more.

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Rental Car Insurance: Yes or No?

Double-check your current personal auto and health insurance plans, and compare deductibles. Read more.


How to (Really) Cash in Frequent Flier Miles

Frequent-flier programs used to be simple: if you flew a lot, you earned a lot of miles. Not anymore. Read more.

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TSA PreCheck, Demystified

Anyone one who has gone though the process of joining the TSA PreCheck program knows: PreCheck often feels like an unfinished thought. Read more.


Regional Airports Can Save You

Regional airports put you closer to the action and feature great perks. Their biggest downside? Cost. So stop booking with money. And start saving. Read more.

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Use These Apps for Roadside Assistance

Apps are trying to redefine how roadside assistance works in the U.S. Read more.

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Bring Your Toys Along

From land to sea to river, these big-boy toys pack light and follow you anywhere. Read more.

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The Trick To Having Two U.S. Passports

There are two reasons travelers can legally possess a valid second U.S. passport: One is political, the other is logistical. Read more.

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Find the Best Travel Guide Apps

Gone are the days of lugging around travel tomes with dog-eared pages. In the digital era, all that info is jammed in a Smartphone-size package. Read more.


Download the Best Camping Apps

Before you go off the grid camping and hiking, tap the latest apps that will help you plan your trip, your trails, and where to pitch your tent. Read more.

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Book a Hotel Last-Minute

Procrastinators are about to get the last laugh. Turns out you can save 10 to 40 percent if you book a hotel at the last minute through an app. Read more

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