The wilderness cabin just got an eco-makeover

The Ecocapsule comfortably houses two adults. (Ecocapsule)
Photo: Ecocapsule

Designed by a Slovakian architecture firm, the Ecocapsule is the ultimate in small, (nearly) self-contained living. The egg-shaped cabin, which comfortably houses two adults, features a kitchenette and bathroom with running water, a foldout bed, and a small living and working area. Storage is accessible from the exterior.

Because the Ecocapsule was designed for the backcountry, there’s no need to worry about utilities. The exterior is covered with solar cells and has a telescoping wind turbine, providing up to 600 watts of solar and 750 watts of wind power. The unit’s unique shape collects rainwater, which is stored in a tank underneath the main living area.

No details on pricing yet, but the cost should be determined by the end of 2015. A camper version of the Ecocapsule could be available as soon as late 2016.


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