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Star Beds Are Heavenly

If you love sleeping under the sky, you should try it in the coziest way possible—within the snug confines of a plush outdoor bed. Read more.

The Best Hunting and Fishing Lodges

Increasingly, luxury lodges are catering to hook and bullet clientele, providing guides, gear, and even gourmet meals for any backcountry adventure. Read more.

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8 of the Most Incredible Hotel Rooms

Showering outside is one of life’s small pleasures. Discovering there’s one adjoining your hotel room is an enormous joy. Read more.


Find Your Own Private Swimming Pool

If you just want to float freely and alone, or with a special friend, that’s when it’s worth upgrading to a room with its own private pool (and, of course, a view). Here are nine worth fantasizing about—swimsuits often optional. Read more.


These Hotel Rooms All Have Awesome Outdoor Features

These 9 open-air tubs are worth traveling for. Read more.


These Outdoor Massages Are Pure Bliss

Even if you’re more likely to scoff at a spa than be found in one, you’ll still be in awe of these relaxing retreats. Read more.

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