Road Trip Blueprints

Drive These 10 Open Roads

Whether you have a day or a week, we've got the ten best stretches of highway to bolster your soul. Read more.

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There's No Better School than the Highway

These 5 road trips are perfect for post-grads. Read more.

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These Adventures Help Find Your Road Trip Style

There are four essential types of road trip: the spontaneous ramble; the quest; the romantic journey; and the nuclear option. Which is right for you? Consult our guide, then fill 'er up. Read more.

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The 10 Best Adventure-Filled Road Trips in the U.S.

There's nothing more American than hitting the open road with the windows down, the music up, and a cooler full of beer in the backseat (you know, for later). We hand-picked the best routes in the country. Read more.

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6 Classic Car-Ready Vacations

Presenting our foolproof recipes for the perfect long, hot weekend: six classic road-trip itineraries, the country's best pit stops, and a lot of Willie Nelson. Read more.

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5 Must-Do Surf Road Trips

Grab your camper, a longboard for the small days, and some SPF 50 as you bask in every glorious moment of these summer surf road trips. Read more.


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