20 Reasons to Run

To Get to the Top

All runners need a reason to get out the door. It can be as simple as wanting to get dirty, tire out your dog, or see the best view—there’s really no wrong way to get motivated. We asked our Instagram followers why they run and their responses were inspiring. Here are 20 of their favorite reasons to get out and get moving.

Photo: @leonardo_bottaro: Rewarding finish line. Sunday run in Switzerland.

(Photo: @leonardo_bottaro)

To Get Your Shoes Dirty

@haften: Well, I think that was just about the most fun my old trail shoes ever had. I’d take these shoes, in this condition, over fancy heels any day.

(Photo: @haften)

To Watch the Seasons Change

@sarznoble: Beautiful Virginia spring running.

(Photo: @sarznoble)

For the View

@nancyr10: Pacific Northwest #pnwwonderland #orgeoncoast

(Photo: @nancyr10)

To Be Happy

@leahjostes: Because running 10 miles makes me happy and because @runningasianruby told me I should post this.

(Photo: @leahjostes)

For the Berries

@run_kels_run: Berry gathering and flower picking

(Photo: @run_kels_run)

For the Dog

@sfultz1: Beach day with Ty. She loved running and playing in the water. Good day. #newdog

(Photo: @sfultz1)

For the Trails

@readmuchrunfar: This morning was a gift. #trailrun

(Photo: @readmuchrunfar)

Because It’s the Weekend

@granolaproducts: The weekend is nearing! In just a few short hours it will be time to hit the trail and consume adventure.

(Photo: @dillan4c)

To Recover

@diran_sirinian: #cruce2015 recovering after stage two, Cerro Tronador in the background.

(Photo: @diran_sirinian)

For a Date

@llamadubs: I love my Valentine! He’s one of the most supportive, thoughtful, and loving boyfriends ever!

(Photo: @llamadubs)

To Find a Mountain Man

@run_kels_run: If I kiss a newt will he turn into a mountain man? #neverstopexploring

(Photo: @run_kels_run)

To Celebrate the Holidays

@itsalife3style: Sunday funday on Santa Cruz Island. How are you celebrating Easter Holiday? No better way than to get out and move! It’s a lifestyle

(Photo: @itsalife3style)

For Fitness

@dclofaro: Back on track.

(Photo: @dclofaro)

For Good Company

@haften: Yesterday’s run with two ladies was a thumbs up.

(Photo: @haften)

To Find Your Pace

@louiseekyle: Running is incredibly meditative and oddly stilling for such a heart-pumping sport. I run for the feeling of tuning into my pace, and shutting off the chatter in my brain for the duration of my workout. I run for this feeling in my legs after yesterday's speediest half yet; for not being able to sit down properly on a chair or the toilet without nearly crying. I run because of how mobile running is: I've gone running all over the world. Nothing quite as memorable as this morning though, watching the sun come up in Oman while we ran up and down dunes.

(Photo: @louiseekyle)

To Meet New Friends

@waynemcmurtrie: Somewhere around 90km into a 100km race I met a pig, he was a nice pig.

(Photo: @waynemcmurtrie)

To Prepare (and Get the Shot)

@paigealms: Had an epic day shooting with @tkleboe and @acl_cinema. Always good smiles and epicness with those two. Thank you both for being so supportive.

(Photo: @paigealms)

To Get Higher

@rockandwatertraveler: Well, this morning I have decided to set some ridiculous goals for the summer. For the length of the summer, which is around 72 more days. I am going to attempt to: Climb 100,000 ft total elevation gain. Run 200 miles And for fun, jump into 50 different lakes and rivers. To keep track of my mileage and elevation gain, I will use my Suunto to keep record.

(Photo: @rockandwatertraveler)

To Escape Reality

@halfpint22: I live in a world of fantasy so keep your reality away from me. I see what I want, I want what I see and that is all OK by me.

(Photo: @halfpint22)

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