DJI Matrice 100 and Guidance Drone

Have fun with this drone—and maybe develop the next great UAV innovation while you're at it.

DJI's Matrice allows users to attach experimental hardware like sensors or cameras. (DJI)
Photo: DJI

Current quadcopter not cutting it? Maybe it’s time for a more custom approach.

The DJI Matrice is an easy-to-fly, minimalist drone that’s intended to let developers add on experimental tech like sensors and cameras. Users can “program customized commands, tell it how and where to fly, and gather information from the entire system in real time,” according to the company. Flight time without the help of an additional battery is estimated around 40 minutes.

DJI has already designed one new piece of hardware for the Matrice: Guidance, which uses five-sensor modules to detect and avoid obstacles in its path, as well as hover over selected areas with a centimeter to spare.  

$3,299 for DJI Matrice; $999 for Guidance, 

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