Epaulet Full Court High Basketball Sneakers

Bright white, old school, and way too nice to actually wear on the court

The leather on Epaulet's basketball sneakers comes from Italy's Gruppo Mastrotto tannery. (Epaulet New York)
Photo: Epaulet New York

Yearning to change up your sneaker game?
Hand-stitched in Portugal using supple Italian leather, the Epaulet Full Court High Basketball sneakers are inspired by vintage Air Jordans and other 80’s kicks. Although Epaulet swears by the shoes’ traction and cushioning, it’s doubtful you’ll wear these during your weekly pick-up game at the Y or even the neighborhood sports bar. 

If you dig the style of these fashion sneakers, you better like white, because that’s the only color they’ll come in. 

$250, epauletnewyork.com 

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