Watch: The Human Slingshot

Possible obstacle in upcoming Stunt Runs

The slingshot device could be a future obstacle at the 5k ThrillSeeker Stunt Run. (The ThrillSeeker 5K Stunt Run/YouTube)
Photo: The ThrillSeeker 5K Stunt Run/YouTube

Folks from the 5k ThrillSeeker Stunt Run—an obstacle course series that includes a zip line, pole vault, and giant waterslide—took a trip to Utah’s Lake Powell to test out a possible contraption for future races: a human slingshot. To create the giant slingshot, the team strung a cord across the lake and hooked participants to it. They used a boat to tow the person back until the cord was taut, then let ’em rip. (Sometimes literally! One failed attempt tore a hole in a participant’s bathing suit.)

Watch the human projectiles get some serious air:

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