Surfers to Ride “World’s Largest Surfboard”

60 to 70 will try to ride 42-foot board

The last "largest surfboard" record was set in 2005, with a board (pictured) that was nearly 40 feet long. (David Wallace/YouTube)
Photo: David Wallace/YouTube

This story was updated on June 22 to reflect a change in development.

A number of surfers will attempt to ride the “world’s largest surfboard” on Saturday in Huntington Beach, California, the Guardian reports.
The surfers hope to break a world record for most people riding on one surfboard, set in 2005 in Australia on a 39-foot, 1,763-pound board built by Nev Hyman. On Saturday, the contending board, called the Megalodon, will be transported from a shipyard and towed out to sea and onto a wave, along with 60 to 70 riders.

UPDATE: JUNE 22, 11:30 MST: The record for the number of surfers on the "world's largest surfboard" was broken on Saturday, with a total of 66 surfers, according to the AP.

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