Tiktaalik Field Knife Set

Packing a lighter camp kitchen never looked so cool

Three Tiktaalik knives take up less space than one standard kitchen knife. (Tiktaalik)
Photo: Tiktaalik

I’ve happily used Mora and Leatherman knives in my camp kitchen for years, but the sleek Field Knife Set from Tiktaalik has me drooling.
First thing you’ll notice: The full tang knives have no handles. This makes them incredibly flat and easy to store. In fact, the company claims the whole set—a paring knife, serrated knife, and chef’s knife—takes up the same amount of space as one standard kitchen knife. The ergonomically-shaped grip has a finger notch for safety, and the entire knife is made of super-hard Swedish Sandvik steel, which should retain its edge for a long time. 
$250, Tiktaalik.com

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