Danish Report Says Riis Knew About Doping

Former Tinkoff-Saxo owner escapes ban

Bjarne Riis (far left), a former Tour de France winner, admitted to doping during his own cycling career. (Wikimedia Commons)

A report released by the Danish Anti-Doping Agency (ADD) on Tuesday said that former Tinkoff-Saxo owner Bjarne Riis knew about doping on his team, which won the 1996 Tour de France, VeloNews reports.

The 97-page report accuses Riis of encouraging his team members—including Tyler Hamilton, Bo Hamburger, Michael Rasmussen, and Jörg Jaksche—to dope. He escaped a ban because the statute of limitations expired. The document says that Riis knew about or encouraged systematic doping over multiple years.

This new revelation is another in a series of recent high-profile doping admissions in professional cycling, including former pro cyclist Nicki Sorensen admitting to doping early in his career on Monday.

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