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Seek Thermal XR Camera

As close to 007 as your smartphone is going to get

The Seek Thermal XR can detect a range of temperatures of about 700 degrees Fahrenheit. (Photo: Seek Thermal)

Don’t fear the dark. If something goes bump in the night, Seek Thermal XR will show you what it is. 

The compact thermal-imaging camera attaches to a phone's charging port and displays a heat map on the screen through a downloadable app (Android or iOS). The Thermal XR can pick up on a range of temperatures from minus 40 degrees F to 626 degrees F. 

This little tool has a wide range of applications. Use it to spot heat-loss areas in your home or to make absolutely sure your campfire is extinguished. It could even work during search-and-rescue efforts, as it can allegedly detect heat up to 2,000 feet away and identify body shapes up to 425 feet away.


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Lead Photo: Seek Thermal
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