Tentsile Trillium Hammock

Because camping's more fun when it's multi-story and suspended in mid-air

Layer the Trillium hammock with another suspended tent for a multi-level experience. (Tentsile)
Photo: Tentsile

Itching for a different camping or lounging experience? Things are looking up.
Perhaps the second-most-fun three-way you can have outdoors, the Trillium Hammock uses heavy-duty ratchets and straps to attach to three trees or sturdy, free-standing objects. Spreading out approximately 80 square feet (15’x15’x15’), the hammock accommodates up to 880 pounds. Tentsile suggests stacking the hammock with one of their tree tents to create a multifloor living space—just in case you were missing your duplex. 
$250, tentsile.com 

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