Lexus Hoverboard

Beautiful, right? Too bad you won't ever be able to buy it.

Made of bamboo and other materials found in the brand's luxury cars, according to the website where the Hoverboard debuted. (Lexus)
Photo: Lexus

Last year, Tony Hawk debuted a real hoverboard. Or rather, he took part in an elaborate hoax to make us all believe the board was real. 

Now, Lexus has its own model. Or hoax. Crafted from bamboo and high-end metals (the same materials found in the brand's luxury-car line, reads the website), the Hoverboard is a thing of beauty. According to Lexus, it uses "magnetic levitation" and "liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors" to float a few inches over the pavement. The board we see in the company's video is actually hovering over the ground: it's not some digital sleight of hand. But that's because it's suspended over magnets set in the concrete, USA Today reports

More pictures are supposed to be released throughout the month in what amounts to nothing more than an impressive, very creative ad campaign.    



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