Best Towns 2015: The Road Trip

Use this interactive map to create a road trip through every burg from this year's contest

Our Best Towns maps lays out point-to-point routes between our 64 favorite towns in America. (Interactive Map by Randy Olson)
Photo: Interactive Map by Randy Olson best towns

We’ve devised an interactive Best Towns 2015 road trip map that connects all 64 burgs from our contest in one of the most incredible cross-country road trips possible (and then some, with Hawaii and Alaska). Tap or place your cursor over each of the towns and a box will appear with highlights from each place. 

Click to go to the interactive map. (Interactive Map by Randy Olson)

The routes we’ve singled out will get you from point A to point B in the quickest time possible—but by all means, meander, get lost, or go out of bounds. Maybe you’ll happen upon an undiscovered town worthy of being in our contest next year.

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