Drone Helps Conquer Unclimbed Peak

Drone used to set rope

Climbers used a drone to help rig a rope and scale what was likely Colorado’s highest unclimbed peak. (Diriye Amey/Flickr)
Photo: Diriye Amey/Flickr

Boulder mountaineer Dave Goldstein ascended what was likely the highest unclimbed peak in Colorado after using a drone to help rig a rope, Climbing reported Wednesday.

The summit, called Peak 9,854 and named for its height, is a 60-foot tower of loose, overhanging rock in southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. Goldstein’s original plan was to get a rope over the summit by shooting an arrow tied to fishing line. Almost a year after that plan failed, he decided to use a drone to help set ropes. With the help of a friend’s teenage son, Goldstein used the drone to drape paracord over the tower and bag the peak.       

Check out Goldstein’s full report on 14ers.  

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