Enevu Cube Light System

Mood light, spotlight, emergency light—all in one adventure-ready box

Keep the cover on the base for a diffused effect, or remove for bright and focused lighting. (Enevu)
Photo: Enevu

You’ve set up camp in a picturesque location with that special someone. Night has fallen. You retreat back to the tent. But then your partner flips a light on and the harsh beam burns both of your eyeballs. The mood is spoiled. You stagger out of the tent in blind agony and accidentally fall off a cliff.
The makers of the Enevu Cube don’t want that to happen, so they designed a camp light that lets you control when you have mood lighting and when you have dead-of-night-navigation lighting. The splash-proof LED light source glows any color you choose, putting out 100 lumen on its highest setting and one lumen at its lowest. (Three AAA batteries will get you three hours of light on the brightest setting.) Smart features for backpackers: an emergency flash mode, a hanging hook, and a modest weight of 3.42 ounces (including batteries).
$30, enevu.com

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