Kifaru 4 Man Tipi

A super light tent with headroom to spare

Men and women up to 6'5" can stand inside this bad boy. Good luck doing that in your four-person tent. (Courtesy of Kifaru International)

Tipis are great at shedding wind and water, and unlike tents, they offer standing room. They're not so great when it comes to weight and packability. 

Which is why the Kifaru 4 Man Tipi looks mighty sweet. This sucker has a footprint of 10.5 by 13 feet, and gives you more than six feet of head room, but it weighs just over five pounds. Most four-person tents are way heavier than that. It measures just 6.5 x 22 inches when packed down, and it’s OK to cook with a stove inside thanks to the vent on top (just no open flames). It's not cheap, but that’s the price you pay for lightweight luxury. 

From $850,

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