Indian Ocean Rowers Rescued Again

Had already been saved in May

Ashley Wilson (left), who has epilepsy, and James Ketchell have completed a number of other adventures to inspire people with the disease. (Nothing’s Impossible/Facebook)
Photo: Nothing’s Impossible/Facebook

James Ketchell and Ashley Wilson, British rowers hoping to break the world record for a two-person Indian Ocean crossing, were rescued six days into their second attempt. The men were also rescued on May 20, one day into their first trip.

Ketchell requested a rescue the morning of July 8, about 145 miles from their start in Geraldton, Australia, according to a statement from the pair’s communications team. Wilson had possibly suffered a concussion as the small boat rolled in gale-force winds and 20-foot waves. A passing tanker pulled both men from the boat before an Australian rescue team arrived. Ketchell and Wilson have been declared healthy and will determine their next steps in the following days. 

The men were also rescued one day into their first record attempt when their navigation system failed. They had expected to return to the water within a week, but additional boat repairs pushed their departure back by two months. 

More important than the record attempt, Ketchell and Wilson are rowing to raise awareness and money for epilepsy charities. Wilson is epileptic and has one or two seizures every week.

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