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Cocoon Tree Treehouse

The $8,000 hanging shelter of your dreams

Each Cocoon Tree is individually constructed and easily customized. (Photo: Cocoon Tree)

Missing your childhood treehouse?

Made of aluminum and covered in strong, weather-resistant canvas, the Cocoon Tree is nearly 10 feet in diameter, just big enough for two adults and two small, well-behaved children. The sphere is suspended in place by a series of ropes and nets (not provided). The makers claim that two people should be able to rig the 132-pound Cocoon Trees into place. 

Each unit is individually constructed in Vietnam and shipped to its final destination. If you’re afraid of heights but love the look of canvas hamster balls, you can also buy a less-expensive, beach-specific version that’s designed to sit on the ground.

From $8,000,

Lead Photo: Cocoon Tree
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