U.S. Mountaineer Airlifted off K2

Suffered altitude sickness at base camp

Most of 2015's K2 mountaineering teams moved to another peak to acclimatize due to earthquake concerns. (Maria Ly/Flickr)
Photo: Maria Ly/Flickr K2 Climbing OutsideOnline Travel

The Pakistan Army rescued 38-year-old American mountaineer Robert Jackson from K2 base camp earlier this week, according to a press release from Inter Services Public Relations. “He suffered height sickness enroute to K2,” reads the press release. Jackson was subsequently transported to Skardu for treatment. His 27-member team arrived in Pakistan in mid-June for an expedition to summit K2.

Due to avalanche concerns following an earthquake in China last week, most of the mountaineering teams that have arrived at K2 base camp decided to move to nearby Broad Peak for the remainder of the acclimatization process, as reported in the Express Tribune

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