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Ultrarunner Mike Foote's Pre-Hardrock 100 Dinner

A visual appreciation

Mike Foote placed second at the 2015 Hardrock 100, and celebrated with ice cream. (Paolo Marchesi)
Photo: Paolo Marchesi

A visual appreciation

North Face runner Mike Foote placed second at this year's Hardrock 100, finishing in Silverton, Colorado, in a time of 25 hours and 54 minutes. For dinner the night before the race, Foote downed a plate of homemade pasta, with a veggies, quinoa, and turkey burger. "It's not a go-to pre race dinner, but integrates lots of foods I eat on a regular basis," says Foote. His post race celebration snack? Ice cream from Big Dipper.

Sautéed vegetable and ground turkey burger. (Mike Foote)

Eat your colors. (Mike Foote)

The perfect pre-race meal. (Mike Foote)

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