Anker and Lama Climb New Line in Zion

Returned to a route Anker failed to complete in 1988

David Lama climbing at Zion National Park on May 15, 2015. (James Q Martin/Red Bull Content Pool)
Photo: James Q Martin/Red Bull Content Pool P-20150707-00067

Climbers Conrad Anker and David Lama worked together to send a new route in Zion National Park, Rock and Ice reported Wednesday. 

Mountaineering legend Anker and 24-year-old Lama, best known for his free climb of Cerro Torre, had never met before the project. They began climbing in Zion to get to know each other before considering working together on bigger projects—the two climbers have discussed collaborating in the Himalayas. A crew from Red Bull was on hand to make a film of their first climbs together. 
Lama suggested they try to complete a route Anker had been unable to climb in 1988. After four days, the pair finished the line and named it Latent Core, after late American climbing legend Layton Kor. 

While climbing, Anker and Lama retrieved a rope left behind during Anker’s first attempt. “Twenty-five years of shame and guilt after having garbage in the park,” says Anker in the video. “We’ve come back to clean it up.”

Watch clips from Zion here:

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