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Go On a Bendy Bender with Beer from Lululemon

The yoga and run apparel maker is getting into the booze business with a post-workout brew

The yoga and run apparel maker is getting into the booze business with a post-workout brew

If downward facing beer bottle is your favorite yoga pose, Lululemon’s newest product addition may be just what you’re looking for to help find your center.

The Vancouver athletic apparel brand teamed up with its Vancouver neighbor, Stanley Park Brewing, to create the new Curiosity Lager, a session beer brewed with Chinook and (of course) lemon drop hops. It’s designed as another in a growing variety of post-workout beers.

“We believe that there is always room for a good post-run beer,” says Travis McKenzie, Lululemon’s global events manager. “Some words we live by: Visualize your victory, realize your goals, believe in yourself…and make sure to drink a beer or two along the way.” In fact, the company loves this saying so much it’s woven into the hems of some of its most popular tops—just in case you needed a reminder to go get your post-workout drink on.

Curiosity Lager was created specifically for the post-race party at the SeaWheeze Half Marathon, which cruises the streets of downtown Vancouver every August. But it’s not the first time Lululemon has ventured into beer territory—the company partnered with Stanley Park Brewing last year to roll out a limited released called Sunset Strawberry Wit. That beer was sold exclusively at SeaWheeze 2014. Curiosity Lager, however, will be widely available in stores across British Columbia and Alberta, McKenzie says.

The beer is 4.6 percent alcohol by volume, which makes it a solid candidate for shot-gunning after speed work on a hot summer night. Lululemon left most of the creative process up to Stanley Park Brewing’s head brewer, Todd Fowler, which was probably smart. Last year, two of Fowler’s beers took home silver medals at the World Beer Championships.

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