Tidal Vision Salmon Leather Wallets

A cool concept that does fisheries good

The Tidal Vision wallets are available in three colors and four styles. (Tidal Vision)

Looking for a unique wallet that makes a bold statement in favor of sustainable aquatic agriculture?
Salmon skins are typically discarded after the fish are harvested, but Alaska-based Tidal Vision has found a way to turn the hide into leather. The tanning method uses only vegetable-based, food-grade materials instead of potentially harmful chemicals. The scales are removed, but the leather retains that unique fishscale look. 

Three colors are currently available (silver, charcoal and brown), and you can choose between a wallet, phone case, or a standard billfold or trifold. Any product that can transform a waste product into a stream of revenue for fisheries looks good to us.

From $39, kickstarter.com

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