Trinity One Pour-Over Coffee System

Brews it every way you knew existed, and then some

The Trinity One is equipped to make any combination of pour-over, air pressure, or cold brew coffee. (Courtesy of Mark Folker)
Photo: Courtesy of Mark Folker

Caffeine junkies each have their own preferred method of coffee creation: pour-over, air pressure, or cold brew. One recently-completed Kickstarter offers all three in a single, highly stylized package. 
The Trinity One is made up of four parts—the brew chamber and stand, press cylinder, end cap, and filter head—with stainless steel and double-walled glass, with a black walnut finish. Do a pour-over through the conical opening of the inner chamber or use the press cylinder and the inner chamber’s cylindrical section for air-pressure brewing. (If you’re feeling experimental, combine both the pour-over and air-pressure methods at the same time.) To do a cold brew, use both sections of the brew chamber and the flow controller for a longer immersion. It’s more work than your Mr. Coffee machine, but the end result may be the best cup of joe you’ve ever had. 

The coffee systems are still available for preorder on Kickstarter. Delivery is expected in January 2016.

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