Skyrunner Roster Includes Mauritius Races

First Indian Ocean races in Continental Championships

A total of 16 countries and six continents will be represented in the Mauritius races. (carrotmadman6/Flickr)
Photo: carrotmadman6/Flickr

Mauritius will host the first Indian Ocean races to be included on the International Skyrunning Federation’s roster, according to a press release on Tuesday. The island’s 50-kilometer Xtreme Dodo Trail and 25-kilometer Ti Dodo Trail races, which take place this Sunday, will be featured.

The Xtreme Doto Trail has a vertical gain of about 11,500 feet, and the Ti Doto Trail climbs 5,000 feet. Both are characterized by steep tracks and technical climbs and descents across rocks, mud, and slippery grass. (Outside of a four-mile stretch of tar at the very beginning, there is virtually no flat terrain.)

A total of 16 countries and six continents will be represented in the Mauritius races, including Laura Orgue and Maite Majora from Spain, Simon Paillard of France, and defending champions Ricky Lightfoot of the UK and Landie Greyling of South Africa. 

“Both the 50 km Xtreme Dodo Trail and the 25 km Ti Dodo Trail are part of the 2015 African Continental Championship because they ideally suite the criteria of skyrunning: technical, very steep climbs, mainly off-road tracks to the peaks, and great scenic views,” race director Yannick de Speville said in the release.

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