Happier Camper HC1

Towable as hell but built with enough room to host dinner parties

Customize the interior of the Happier camper by snapping table, sink, and seating components into the floor. (Happier Camper)
Photo: Happier Camper

With its modular set-up, retro design, optional Bose sound system, 100-watt solar panels, and enough room to sleep five, the Happier Camper HC1 is going to make a lot of campers…delighted? Ecstatic? Overjoyed? (All of the above?)

Made of fiberglass and weighing just 1,100 pounds, the HC1 can be towed by most vehicles. (Subaru drivers, rejoice!) We also love the customizable interior that allows users to change the 42-square-foot floor plan however they’d like. Need a kitchen? Just insert the table and sink components (everything snaps into the floor like a massive Lego set). Wanna host a dinner party? Remove the sink and snap in benches.

Bonus: the camper comes in five colors, including Mojave Sage and Pacific Blue. 

From $16,000, happiercamper.com


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