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The Burn Set from Crossrope

Jumping rope is for serious athletes, and a weighted, travel-friendly set is for serious rope jumpers

Crossrope comes in various weights that attach to handles for different types of training. (Photo: Crossrope)
Crossrope comes in various weights that attach to handles for different types of training.

It’s no secret that the world’s fittest road warriors never leave home without a jump rope. This ultraportable gear offers impressive physical and mental benefits, including increased bone density, cardiovascular health, and overall body fitness, while improving memory and mental alertness. Best of all, a jump rope easily jams into a suitcase.

Crossrope just upped the ante with its new all-surface interchangeable jump-rope system by providing an easy-to-use, calorie-burning, endorphin-releasing duo of indoor-outdoor ropes. Appropriately called the Burn Set, the system includes one set of eight-ounce handles and two ropes. The black four-ounce Agility rope, made from PVC-coated steel, is three to four times the weight of a standard speed rope, which makes it ideal for long, slow cardiovascular workouts. The flaming-orange one-pound Intensity rope, also made from PVC-coated steel, is ideal for explosive strength workouts and upper-body conditioning. 

The Burn Set.
The Burn Set. (Photo: Crossrope)

Download Crossrope’s brand-new app that provides preset interval workouts specifically designed for the Burn Set and you’ve got an instant, use-anywhere travel gym that weighs less than three pounds. If the habit turns obsessive, Crossrope offers five more weighted ropes ranging in weight from two ounces to three pounds. 


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