Man Carries Bathtub up Kilimanjaro

To raise money for charity

Robbie Dowling summited Mount Kilimanjaro to support health facilities along the Amazon River. (ninara/Flickr)
Photo: ninara/Flickr

Fifty-seven-year-old Irishman Robbie Dowling summited Mount Kilimanjaro with an 88-pound bathtub, dubbed Sheila, strapped to his back, according to a report on Thursday from Red Bull. Dowling completed the 30-mile trek to the 18,652-foot-high summit to raise money and awareness for his charity, Amazon Children, which he started to support health facilities along the Amazon River.

“The final shove was climbing a 90-degree slope on moving silt,” Dowling told Red Bull. “I had a 3 a.m. start, no sleep, and was finding it hard to keep down food at high altitude after days of pushing myself beyond endurance. I was on this slope for five hours. Each step was a miracle. My eyesight in my left eye was going, and my lungs were unable to get oxygen. I was stopping every five minutes for water.”

Dowling floated down the Amazon River with Sheila in 2007. He’s planning to pull the tub across the salt flats of Bolivia this October to continue raising money for his charity. His ultimate goal is to build a new medical center for children on the Amazon.

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