Igloo All Terrain Cooler 120 Quart

Sick of carrying a heavy cooler into rugged or hard-to-reach spots? Igloo has you covered.

Igloo says this cooler will keep ice cool for up to a week in 90-degree heat (Igloo)
Photo: Igloo

With large, knobby, pneumatic tires, the beastly 120-quart All Terrain Cooler rollls food and beer over sand at the beach or across jagged rocks at a high-elevation base camp. Inside there’s enough space for 30 six-packs—or every piece of food in your refrigerator.

According to Igloo, the cooler will keep ice cool for five to seven days in 90-degree heat, which should be plenty of time to drink all those microbrews.

$180, igloocoolers.com

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