Fly Pedals V2

You can now use clipless pedals with sneakers when you want to ditch your bike shoes

This little wonder turns your clipless pedal into a regular platform. (Courtesy of Fly Pedals)
Photo: Courtesy of Fly Pedals

We hate using clipless pedals with regular shoes. But we also hate walking around our favorite brewery with cleats. 

Enter Fly Pedals, which turn your clipless pedals into regular flats. Step one, attach a new set of your cleats to the Fly Pedals (they work with all major road and mountain cleats). Next, snap the Fly Pedal with attached cleat into your clipless pedal, and voilĂ , you can now ride your race bike with Chuck Taylors. 

This is the second version of the Fly Pedals, so they're lighter and have a lower profile than the first iteration. They also come with pegs that grip your shoes for greater traction when you’re pedaling hard or going uphill.

When you want your road bike back, just snap the cleat and platform out and you’re good to go.

$39; Due out in September 

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